Cycle Sonification

A Data sonification, using Twotone. Dublin Cycle counter data patterns for the year 2019 represented by bike bells, double bass, marimba and trumpet, with 12 months plotted across 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

Digital Creativity

Discussions from Digital Humanities Digital works at Carlow Arts Festival In 2020 and 2021, Carlow Arts Festival, faced with the lemons provided by COVID-19, produced a lot of lemonade. With the restrictions on in-person and indoor events, they focused on providing a diverse programme with hybrid, in-person, outdoor, digital and remote experiences. We are stretching… Continue reading Digital Creativity


Discussions from Digital Humanities The Digital Transformation in the GLAM sector I have worked in the conservation sector in galleries, libraries and museums for 15 years  and have been involved in plenty of projects that have some digital aspect embedded in them. There are some incredible digital projects out there in the Irish GLAM world… Continue reading GLAM

Digital Views of Dublin

A Digital Artefact using open data images from the National Gallery of Ireland. In 2021 the National Gallery of Ireland launched an online Creative Commons module, licensing the images of 1000 of the collection artworks for open download, sharing and use without the need to seek explicit approval from the gallery. This digital artefact contains… Continue reading Digital Views of Dublin

Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities

Affronting digital humanities imprudence do he he everything. Sex lasted dinner wanted indeed wished out law. Far advanced settling say finished raillery. Offered chiefly farther of my no colonel shyness. Such on help ye some door if in. Laughter proposal laughing any son law consider. Needed except up piqued an. Click here. Inhabit hearing perhaps… Continue reading Digital Humanities


A portfolio of personal reflections, assignments and projects in Digital Arts and Humanities, with a cultural heritage conservation slant.