Irish Times Headlines 1996-2018

A Newspaper printing press is action.
Photo by Bank Phrom on Unsplash

A data exploration of the changing attitudes towards the climate crisis in Ireland from 1996-2018 through the headlines printed in the Irish Times. This Dataset collected the Headline text from the Irish Times over a 25 year period.

These interactive visualisations can be used to explore the occurences of climate change related Headlines during those years.

Terms such as ‘global warming’ gave way to ‘climate change’ over the data period, although more urgent terms such as ‘climate crisis’ or ‘climate emergency’ were yet to take hold by 2018.

Analysis of Headlines associated with carbon hungry activities such as consumer motoring and air travel found a steady increase of this type of article across the data period. Despite the climate crisis, the frequency of climate change related headlines in the data was lower than the frequency of consumer columns about motoring and foreign travel.