Irish Times Headlines 1996-2018

Photo by Bank Phrom on Unsplash

A data exploration of the changing attitudes towards the climate crisis in Ireland from 1996-2018 through the headlines printed in the Irish Times. This Dataset collected the Headline text from the Irish Times over a 25 year period. These interactive visualisations can be used to explore the occurences of climate change related Headlines during those… Continue reading Irish Times Headlines 1996-2018


Discussions from Digital Humanities The Digital Transformation in the GLAM sector I have worked in the conservation sector in galleries, libraries and museums for 15 years  and have been involved in plenty of projects that have some digital aspect embedded in them. There are some incredible digital projects out there in the Irish GLAM world… Continue reading GLAM

Beginning html…

Discussions from Digital Humanities A Response to two pieces by Mark Marino A Domain of One’s Own  The proposal in A Domain of One’s Own might go some way to granting independence to young people in online interactions, where currently they are often beholden to the restrictions of large multinational companies. I finished school before… Continue reading Beginning html…

Pages to Screens

Discussions from Digital Humanities A response to My Acts of Reading by Andrew Prescott. Prescott’s experience is similar to my own in that I found the purpose of newspapers for me has changed. On weekdays I also get my news through apps but the joy of a Sunday paper on a lazy day, something about… Continue reading Pages to Screens

Open Access

Discussions from Digital Humanities Reflecting on ‘The Internet’s Own Boy’ This 2014 documentary, directed by Brian Knappenberger explores the life of Aaron Schwartz and the events that led to his eventual death in 2013. As a fair-weather reddit lurker, I was a little familiar with Schwartz and the PIPA/SOPA campaign but I was not aware… Continue reading Open Access